Hello and welcome to Project Eden's store!


Our history

Project Eden is completely run by your contributions. We are fortunate enough to have not had to pay a single cent out of pocket since the first week of the server's existence in June, 2015. 


Our Standards

Buying items is completely optional, we will never force anyone to do so, and it does not provide any advantage over others. All of the money received from the members of the community is used to run and improve the server; the staff never take the money for personal use. 


Get what you pay for

Before you buy something, please feel free to check out some of the features of the package in-game in our store gallery, which is accessible via /warp store.


A thank you

Project Eden started as a safe place for anyone to relax and make friends. To continue to do that would be impossible without your contributions. It truly does mean a lot to the staff team that people want to keep this community running. We cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to build and be a part of this wonderful community.


As a symbol of recognition for your special contribution to the server, you have access to two features:

  • /badge supporter - Put a heart before your name (and prefix if applicable) in-game
  • A green name and the Supporter role on Discord  

Contact: store@projecteden.gg